Baker accused of animal cruelty

17 June, 2016

Animal activists have accused a baker of cruelty because she makes lifelike animal cakes.

The cake-maker was attacked by animal rights activists after posting photos online of her realistic creations of animals being cut with a knife.

Hannah Edwards uploaded images of cats, dogs, penguins and other creatures on to her Facebook page.

But extremists objected to shots where customers were shown cutting them into slices to be eaten.

One comment under an image of a dog-shaped cake said: “Disgusting idea. Maybe do a sweet baby child, then see if you get any likes for that.”

Edwards said: “I was getting a huge number of enquiries after I made a husky cake and someone had a go at me, saying it was cruel to do, as it was encouraging violence to animals.

“I have had other stuff where there have been pictures of cut cakes and they have been reported to Facebook for encouraging animal cruelty. You have to cut it as it is a cake. I just think when they get realistic it weirds people out.”

Facebook has not removed any of the images that have provoked complaints.

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