Cutting cakes

06 March, 2015

Q: Dear Lindy, Do you have any advice on how to go about cutting a really ornate cake? I make a lot of children's cakes and some of them have a lot of decorations on them. I never know what to advise parents in terms of how they can go about cutting them up into party-bag size portions without too much mess. Any advice would be really appreciated.

Soggy Bottoms

06 March, 2015

Q: Last year my Christmas cake was too moist and soggy on the bottom. I baked it about 3 to 4 weeks in advance and followed the recipe to the letter! I was very disappointed and ended up buying one instead. Please could you let me know if there was anything I was doing wrong? Thanks very much!

Nut-Free alternative

06 March, 2015

Q: I want to use a cake recipe which includes ground almonds. However, I cannot use nuts as the cakes will potentially be sold to people with a nut allergy. Is there a nut-free alternative you could recommend which will give a nice crunch and moist texture? Many thanks,

Facebook copyright

06 March, 2015

Q: Dear Lindy, I have a Facebook page and put pictures of my cakes on it. I have noticed that another cake baker has lifted a couple of pictures of my cakes and displayed them as part of a gallery on her Facebook page. People might say that is flattering, but I am not happy about it. What should I do?

Make a aeroplane cake

06 March, 2015

Q: I want to make a aeroplane cake for my son's birthday. I am planning to bake a square cake and then cut it up to shape. However, planes have some tricky rounded edges which I am not sure how best to tackle. Please could you give me some tips?

Lindy's Owl Cake

06 March, 2015

Q: How long did your owl cake take to make?

Stencilled Cupcakes

06 March, 2015

Q: How do you get that wonderful shiny gold finish on your stencilled cupcakes?

Help with admin

06 March, 2015

Q: "I am really struggling in keeping on top of everything in my cake business. We are about a year old and quite small but doing quite well in that the orders are coming in thick and fast. The problem is I am just overwhelmed with paperwork- including insurance, tax, environmental health etc. I just want to get on with the creative side. Is there anyone I can employ to deal with all this stuff and how much should I pay if so?"

Supporting decorations

06 March, 2015

Q: I made a soft lemon sponge with mascarpone and buttercream filling as a spring/summer birthday cake. Unfortunately the cake subsided and went very gooey in the middle. The decoration on the top was quite heavy with large decorative chocolate balls. Is there anything I can do to stop this happening in the future as this lemon recipe is very popular in an adult's cake.

Wedding Cakes

06 March, 2015

Q: I was asked to create a wedding cake for my niece months ago, and did not hear any more. Now the invite has come through to her wedding, scheduled in May, plus a note asking me again to do the wedding cake. I thought she had made other arrangements. I am in two minds what to do. I can't really say no as she might take it personally, but time is so short that I might not be able to get everything done in time. The colour scheme is difficult, bright purple and she does not want a traditional fruit cake or cupcakes either. Do you have any advice on cutting corners in making this wedding cake?! If it was not family I would say no. Please help me!

Vegan cakes

06 March, 2015

Q: "I have been asked to make a vegan birthday cake for a one-year-old who is allergic to dairy products and eggs. Do you have any tips on what I can use instead of these ingredients? I am worried about coming up with a really awful- tasting cake."

Pricing cakes

06 March, 2015

Q: "I have been selling my celebration cakes mainly through word of mouth recommendations so far and not reallycharging enough as my cakes are really a labour of love. I want to scale up my business, but my cakes will still be bespoke. How do I work out what to charge? Should I sell at a loss to get things going?"

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