New from ISA (UK) are the ISA Action and ISA Music impulse/island cabinets for frozen and chilled products. These are the latest additions to the ISA One range.
Belcolade, the real Belgian chocolate supplied by Puratos, now includes natural vanilla in all of its recipes.
Jordans Cereals is expanding its range of cereal bars with the new Nut & Seed Bar. The company says the launch is a result of increased popularity amongst consumers of nuts
Country Choice has added several new products to its thaw-and-sell ranges as well as a Bake & Bite branded sandwich wedge pack.
As preferred bakery specialists of Foster products in the UK, Brook Food Processing Equipment (Minehead, Somerset) says it has been impressed with the advance in technology that these have brought to its specialised market within the last few years.
Gadsby’s Bakery in Mill Park, Southwell, is benefiting from the installation of a Humidair Retarder Prover from Double D Food Engineering (Broxburn, West Lothian), which it says has smoothed out “the peaks and troughs” in its production. “The Humidair Retarder Prover has been a tremendous boost for us,” says master baker Terry Gadsby. “By loading the unit the day before and setting the micro-processor controller accurately, we know that we’ll have 15 racks of product ready for firing exactly when we want the next day.”
Eurobake (Bolton, Lancs) has devised a new design of retarder-prover, incorporating an innovative evaporator, which it claims gives greater energy and production efficiency and provides bakers with improved dough conservation control and proving.

Controlling interest

30 June, 2006
Bakers have embraced retarder-provers in recent years as the concept has developed dramatically, both in technology and the consistency of results.

A woman's touch

30 June, 2006
A straight-talking Mancunian has just taken over as national president of the

A simple country baker

30 June, 2006
Flicking through some back issues of British Baker recently, I came across a point made by the editor Sylvia Macdonald. She argued in February that the Government pays little heed to comments made by trade associations with memberships of less than three thousand.

Playing it cool

30 June, 2006
Excessively high temperatures at its Northwich, Cheshire, bakery led Frank Roberts & Sons to seek an effective cooling system.

Wizards of Oz

30 June, 2006
For the past 15 years, Ian Martin, site manager of Manchester-based Martins Bakers and Sandwich Makers, has been involved in the artisan bakery scene in Australia, most recently giving specialist help to market leaders in organic sourdough bread, such as Brasserie Bread in Sydney and Dench Bakers in Melbourne. He also managed the bread production at Phillippa’s in Melbourne, well-known as one of the largest commercially successful artisan bakeries in Australia.

Pressure Point

30 June, 2006
The feeling among millers is that this year’s crop is very good but, to mix farming metaphors, you should never count your chickens. Two years ago a month-long August downpour put a dampener on what in June-July was a great crop, leading to low Hagberg, low protein and quality issues. But the weather is just one of a panoply of problems set to affect wheat supply and the price of bakers’ flour.


30 June, 2006
I have just returned hotfoot from an audience with Tony Blair. As one of around 30 editors across the UK, I was fortunate to be invited to interview the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street.


30 June, 2006
The situation in the UK’s bakery colleges is a cause for concern to the whole of the industry.
Improved availability, product quality and good customer service have all led to a huge sales increase at Sainsbury’s in-store bakery in Lincoln.
Food and drink manufacturers are being urged to help draft a new industry diploma, as well as share their experiences of training older workers.
Former bakery tutor and past chairman of the British Society of Baking Jean Grieves has called on the industry to re-evaluate its thinking on training, with a view to retaining traditional skills and bringing another generation of bakers to the fore.

In Brief

30 June, 2006
Bakels’ Low Gi bread mix helped the firm take the titles of Oxfordshire Business of the Year and Innovation of the Year. The Bicester-based company launched a successful marketing campaign behind the product, which included leafleting 1.3 million consumers through 1,300 independent bakers. Bakels now has plans for a new consumer PR campaign in the autumn.
Biscuit maker United Biscuits has formally put itself up for sale by sending financial packs to potential buyers.
FamilieS of workers threa-tened with redundancy at Liver-pool bakery Sayers marched through the streets in a last-ditch attempt to save their jobs.
Workers at the Hemel Hempstead plant of East Balt Guenther Bakeries are facing redundancy, six months after the Buncefield blast badly damaged the premises and made it inoperable.
Honeytop Speciality Foods is celebrating big sales increases resulting from its new ‘champagne’ naan breads.
An Anglo-Romanian company plans to lead a full-scale assault on the Eastern European country’s bakery market. Bucharest-based Snack Attack will open a 50,000sq ft state-of-the-art sandwich factory there by the end of 2007, which is set to increase production from 10,000 to 100,000 sandwiches a day in the next three years.
A new study confirms that local shops flourish once superstore plans are turned down.
British Baker’s editor Sylvia Macdonald was among a small group of journalists invited to interview Prime Minister Tony Blair earlier this week.
Inter LINK Foods is to close the recently-acquired Hoppers Farmhouse Bakery in a bid to consolidate operations. The 16,000sq ft factory in Herne Bay, Kent, will shut its doors early next year, with the loss of 130 jobs, when production will transfer to Inter Link’s highly automated 70,000sq ft Blackburn bakery.
A record number of golfers played one of the country’s most difficult courses at the British Society of Baking’s (BSB) Golden Jubilee Golf day, last month.

Bringing home the bacon

23 June, 2006
New low-fat and reduced-salt bacon products are being developed by Northampton-based TMI Foods in conjunction with sandwich and food manufacturers in the UK and continental Europe, which the company supplies.
A new web-based system that gives sandwich shop owners a quick and easy solution to selling their products online has received a top award for innovation.
According to market data from consulting and research firm Gira, demand for frozen bread, particularly in the sandwich sector is growing and this trend is confirmed by bakery products supplier Délifrance.
In-store bakery and food to go supplier Cuisine de France has launched new bread carriers, for hot or cold sandwich fillings, include three softbake baguettes in plain, multiseed and onion and nigella flavours. The baguettes are thaw-and-serve and have an extended shelf life.
Walsall resident and native of Bengal Rina Kundu has carried off the latest trophy from Wolverhampton-based Freshway Foods for her Bengal Chicken Do-Piaza Sandwich.

A right mouthful

23 June, 2006
A bid to lose some “bakery baggage” has seen Croydon-based craft baker Coughlans continue to roll out its rebranding as Munch and, in the process, scoop the Baker Sandwich Maker of the Year at the Sammies for the second year running.

A simple country bake

23 June, 2006
Reading Sylvia Macdonald’s Viewpoint in the British Baker ofFeb17th one thing that struck me was the point she made referring to the fact that Governments paid little real heed to comments made by Trade Associations with membership of less than three thousand.
Artisan bakers in the Irish Republic are getting up a head of steam following an inspirational address in the National Bakery School, Dublin, last year by Robert Ditty, a leader of the artisan baking movement in Northern Ireland.
Don’t despair if England’s football team falters in the World Cup. Its steak and ale pie is likely to prove an easy winner in the Pie World Cup, which pits 32 ‘national’ pies produced by the Square Pie company against each other.

Work Experience

23 June, 2006
Chris Beaney, owner of Beaney’s bakery based in Strood, Kent, is evangelical about offering work experience. He liaises closely with local schools to open his business to about three pupils a year for one and two-week placements. This has proved so successful that he has gone on to give about six of them jobs in both full-time and part-time roles.


23 June, 2006
It is just so ironic. Craft bakers tell me every day that they cannot recruit enough good staff or enthusiastic youngsters willing to learn the professions of bakery and confectionery. Supermarket in-stores too are facing a dearth of recruits.

In Brief

23 June, 2006
A noise study carried out on the shop floor of Brace’s two bakeries confirmed that workers should wear ear defenders, which have been distributed to all operatives. Visitors will be given disposable earplugs when entering the shop floor areas.
Bollin Dale Engineering is supplying a complete line for production of Jaffa Cake style biscuits to a customer in Iran.
Last week’s annual Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) conference gave its full backing to the union’s efforts to counter the erosion of final pension schemes that is prevalent across many industry sectors. It also opposed government moves to raise the retirement age.
TALGARTH BAKERY has switched from block fondant to British Sugar’s Celebration Icing Sugar for fondant icing.
Egg production in the UK has been confirmed as among the safest in the world, according to an EU survey.
CHESHIRE-BASED craft chain Arthur Chatwin is capitalising on the football World Cup tournament with dedicated window displays and sales of specially decorated bakery products across its stores.
Maple LEAF BAKERY has unveiled a new £12m bagel line for the New York Bagel Company at its Rotherham site.
The wheat industry in the US is said to be in crisis as many farmers are no longer planting the crop because it is unprofitable, according to Reuters European Business Wire.
The current good weather in wheat growing areas of the UK does not necessarily bode well for this year’s harvest, warns Ian Pinner, managing director of ADM Milling.
Bakeries are counting the cost of rising rapeseed oil prices as the oil is increasingly used as a biodiesel fuel.
BAKERY colleges nationwide are struggling to obtain funding and senior tutors are being put under threat of redundancy and early retirement. Jane Hatton, co-ordinator for bakery and sugar courses at Brooklands, who is widely known throughout the industry and acts as a national examiner for external students, has been given notice of ‘high risk redundancy’ by the Surrey-based college.

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