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31 October, 2008
Front-of-pack nutritional labelling is one of the few catering legislations that bakery retailers usually don't have to worry about. And with food hygiene, staffing, taxes and other legal paperwork to deal with, it's an issue few would voluntarily add to their tasks.

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31 October, 2008
== l Shopfitting and interiors ==

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31 October, 2008
Who can possibly find pleasure in sitting down to write a market report on such an article as sugar, four or five days after the so-called Prosperity Egg has been hatched in America, and we still have to see what will result? Can we look for a cooing dove that means nothing, or a hen which will later be able to help others as well as Uncle Sam?

Baby cakes

31 October, 2008
UK cake maker Michelle Wibowo last week scooped a gong for Britain at the Patisserie Showpiece section of the International Culinary Olympics, with a lifesize dog-shaped sugar sculpture. We were equally impressed (and slightly disturbed) by this sped-up video of her making a life-like baby cake.

The genius of Dr Allinson

31 October, 2008
In these body-conscious, image-obsessed times, it's good to get some cosmetic tips from a nutritional guru who was convinced that beauty came from within a whole century before "Dr" Gillian McKeith.

Mouthing off

31 October, 2008
"We still think the sandwich will be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records because of all the evidence and footage that we will send them"

Marketing arms race

31 October, 2008
Bromley cabbie James Edwards has made a startling revelation that sheds some light on the high-fiving world of ad agency marketeers.

Going with the flow

31 October, 2008
Advances in flow-wrap technology are set to benefit bakery businesses, providing greater flexibility and ensuring high-quality display packs.

Fat under fire

31 October, 2008
Health may appear to be the driving force in bakery lately, but the main thing bakers are after when it comes to fats and oils is performance. After all, there is little point in producing pastry with an incredibly low fat content if it's going to taste like cardboard.

Pick up a panini

31 October, 2008
With the much talked-about credit crunch and economic downturn now setting in and the dreaded 'R' word about to reach our shores, consumers are having to be so much more careful about how they spend their hard-earned cash at lunchtimes, while still demanding to be well-fed and, most importantly, enjoying the same quality of food they did before hard times began to set in.

Cashing in on the campus

31 October, 2008
Student life is all about long sessions in cafés and bars, a frantic social life and minimal studying, right? A captive audience, and a gift to caterers and food-on-the-go brands.
Encouraging consumers to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day is a big part of the food industry, writes Wayne Caddy. For consumers, the five-a-day concept makes sense and is easy to understand. Given this, can the baker target incremental sales with products specifically designed for achieving one of your five-a-day?

Seasonal seller

31 October, 2008
Potatoes are a very popular vegetable in Europe and were first cultivated by the Incas, in Peru, 6,000 years ago. They were brought to Europe by the Spanish Conquistadors to impress Royalty in around 1570.
Bakery equipment manufacturer, MIWE, has launched an energy recovery system, designed to help bakers reduce energy costs. The MIWE eco:nova, was unveiled at the Suedback exhibition in Stuttgart earlier this month.

3663 adds to Whites

31 October, 2008
Foodservice company 3663 is adding a number of products to its Whites range. Three new pavé loaves - perene, walnut and multigrain - are based on a rustic-style French bread.
Spraying Systems has developed pulse width modulation (PWM) to form part of its PulsaJet spray coating range. The PWM system applies fast on/off signals to PulsaJet, enabling the controlled and adjustable application of a coating to a product. The PWM spray system is made up of two elements - an AutoJet control unit and automatic spray nozzles from Spraying Systems' PulsaJet series. The flavourate is controlled by changing how long the PulsaJet is spraying during one cycle, which eliminates the need to change nozzles.
A range of cooking spirits and wines for use in bakery and food manufacturing are available from Cuisinewine.

New toaster fits the slot

31 October, 2008
Pantheon has added a new 'ST' toaster to its range. It is available as a four- or six-slot model and is made entirely from stainless steel. A five-minute timer and removable crumb tray are also included and there is the option of only using half the slots during quieter periods in order to save energy. Pantheon also offers a 12-month parts and labour warranty.

Spooner extends its service

31 October, 2008
Forced convection technology company Spooner Industries is extending its presence in the baking industry with a range of air conditioning and ventilation systems to meet bakers' needs.
Uniform supplier Denny's has launched two eco-friendly chef's jackets. Its Organic Chef's Jacket is made using 100% organic cotton under the Denny's brand and its Ecological Chef's Jacket is made from 50/50 polyester/cotton and will be sold under the Le Chef Brand.

Kavis plays it hot and cold

31 October, 2008
Disposable catering product supplier Kavis has added two new products to its range - a Dual hot drink paper cup and a PET tumbler.
Dawn Foods has launched energy cookies to complement its range of energy-boosting products. The Mega Muesli and Jumbo or Mega Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies are available individually wrapped. The Muesli Cookie contains rolled oats, raisins, apricots and pumpkin seeds and is high in fibre. The Oatmeal and Raisin Cookie contains rolled oats and raisins and is also available as pucks for baking off on-site.
Owlet Juices has just launched a new "bag in a box" of juice, which the company claims is suitable for bakery retailers. The juice, which has a 12-month shelf life, comes in a 10-litre pack size with a recyclable cardboard box and there is no glass packaging to recycle.
Fanta now contains no artificial flavours or colours, thanks to a reformulation of the drink, as part of a £6.25m brand investment by Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE) this year.
Drinks company Firefly has relaunched its waters range. The tea-infused antioxidant drinks were originally launched in glass bottles, but Firefly hopes the new PET bottles will help to open up new areas of business for the firm.

GB growth boosts Britvic

31 October, 2008
Britvic has seen its revenue increase 29.3% to £926.5m for the 52 weeks to 28 September 2008, compared with the same 2007/08 period. The figures incorporate a full 52-week contribution from Britvic Ireland of £200.7m.

Richemont razzamatazz

31 October, 2008
As the yellow Chinese dragon reared its head and the drumming of the band became more frenzied, passers-by stopped to stare at the spectacle threading its way through Manchester's busy streets. Behind the dragon was a formation of British and overseas members of the International Richemont Club, on their way to a special Chinese banquet to kick off a three-day gala, hosted by the British members.

Academy on course

31 October, 2008
OK, so we're nearly there. The treacle quagmire of funding has (nearly) been traversed, the boggy lack of consensus over an industry stan-dard qualification has (virtually) been overcome, and the muddied waters of how and where to find adequate training have (almost) been cleared. The formation of a national academy for bakery skills is now within reach.
== Winners and runners-up ==
Now we're not suggesting making the likes of 'hash cakes' to sell to your customers, but hemp, which has around 20,000 different uses, can be used as an ingredient in various forms (which have no drug content). Hemp seeds can be cold-pressed into oil, which leaves a 'cake' that can then be milled into flour. Paul Jenkinson of Yorkshire Hemp said that using 5% hemp flour in bakery gives products added colour, texture and a nutty taste. Products cannot be made using 100% hemp flour and Jenkinson recommends using 5-10% hemp of flour weight. Hemp seeds are rich in protein - around 34% - and are gluten-free, so can be used with potato or rice flour for gluten-free products. Shelled hemp seeds can also be added to bread, cakes or flapjacks to add to the texture, or as a topping. However, it loses some of its nutritional benefits as a topping, due to heat exposure in the oven.
It was where Wallace & Gromit met the Master of the Worshipful Company of Bakers, where equipment suppliers, such as Norbake, showed a vast amount of equipment on an unbelievable footprint, while Renshaw, Rank Hovis and others had the very tough job of judging fabulous competition entries, organised by the British Richemont Club.

Reporting in

31 October, 2008
== Kirk Hunter ==

Mantinga to manage Manoucher

31 October, 2008
Mantinga, the specialist bread company, is to distribute the Manoucher range of soft Mediterranean-style breads outside London and the M25.
More aggressive sales and marketing activity have helped Coffee Republic reverse a downward trend, according to its latest trading update.
Milanese boutique bakery chain Princi has opened its first shop in the UK and plans to launch a further 10 outlets in the capital over the next five years.

In Short

31 October, 2008
== Polish opportunity ==
Barry Callebaut has opened a new factory in Spain, dedicated to the production of frozen pastry - "haute patisserie" - in the Alicante/Valencia region.
The plunging value of sterling against the dollar and the euro, combined with a decline in UK wheat quality, may put a stop to the recent falls in flour prices.
Greenhalgh's craft bakery has expanded its business-to- business delivery service into Wigan, with the addition of a third catering van.
Irwin's Bakery is a slice ahead of the game in Northern Ireland, with the launch of its new bread sizes. These come in advance of a new EU directive in April 2009, which will see bread weight restrictions lifted.
Bettys Café Tea Rooms, based in Harrogate, Yorkshire, has lodged a complaint with the Patent's Office, after a local company starting selling a cheesey nibble using the name 'Betty'.
Cornish baker W C Rowe is to launch a new line of products - Rowe's Savers - into its retail outlets to appeal to price-conscious consumers.
Rises in "underlying costs at farm level", including energy and fuel, could force up bread prices in the longer term, according to Alex Waugh, chief executive of the National Association of British and Irish Millers (nabim).
As the economic downturn intensifies, small business groups are urging the government to do more to put a stop to late payments - a problem keenly felt by many bakeries.
Businesses should be aware of changes to grievance procedures, warned legal expert Ray Silverstein, in a talk on employment law at the Bakers' Fair in Sheffield.
An 11-minute documentary about Garvald Edinburgh Bakery, which is staffed by people with learning disabilities, including Down's syndrome and autism, has won $75,000 (£46,000) at the Middle East International Film Festival, taking The Black Pearl for Best Documentary - Short Film.
The coffee shop market will continue to grow despite the credit crunch, with new data showing that the number of outlets in the UK increased by 15% in the 18 months to October.
South Wales-based, Ferrari's has closed eight of its bakery retail shops in response to the current economic climate. Its Mumbles, Porthcawl, Mountain Ash, Tredegar, Abertillery and one of its Bridgend shops were closed after trading on Saturday, 25 October. Further closures were seen at its shops in Abergavenny and Hereford after trading on Monday, 27 October.
Craft bakers selling unwrapped loaves cannot take advantage of the recent relaxation of bread weight laws, which abandons specified loaf quantities, because the new legislation only applies to packaged bread.
The UK has taken a major step towards creating a bakery qualification to suit plant, craft and supermarket needs alike, as the pilot for a new bakery skills aca-demy gears up for launch early next year, subject to funding.

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